Sumba beach sunset

Sumba property purchasing process explained with a timeline

The properties we own in Sumba can be:

  1. with an already processed certificate.
  2. with the paperwork approved by the government but the certificate is not yet printed out by the BPN (Badan Pertanahan Nasional = National Land Agency).

You will find below the whole land purchase process in both cases.

(The timeframes below is provided solely for guidance and should not be considered as having legal value)

Day 0   
You contact us
Day 1   
We meet at our Bali office
Day 2   
We take you to Sumba
Day 3   
We show you the lands we own that are available
Day 4   
We come back from Sumba to Bali and take you to the notary who will explain you all the legalities of purchasing a land in Sumba.
Day 9   
We meet again at the notaris to sign the sales agreement.
We give to the notary the land certificate and all other paperwork that we have in order for her/him to check that everything is in order.
Day 12   
The notary confirms with you that all paperwork is in order. You can proceed to the final payment
Day 13   
Upon reception of the bank transfer to the notary, you are officially the proud owner of a beautiful piece of land in Sumba.
Day 14   
We assist you with our notary for the name change process on the land certificate.
Day 45   
The land certificate is in your name, your nominee’s name or your company’s name.