Lapopu waterfall in Sumba

Amazing Waterfalls in Sumba

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If you are beach lover or professional surfer, you will be definitely fascinated by the beauty of Sumba as this island boasts pristine white sandy beaches with dramatic backgrounds of rocky mountains and dense woodland. Some of its beaches have also been known as surfer's paradise. But don't be mistaken Sumba is not only untouched paradise with secluded and beautiful beaches, but also home to spectacular waterfalls with breathtaking, eye-pampering sceneries. A waterfall is one of the most amazing creations that nature has to offer. There is just something about the sight of thousands of tons of water flowing over a cliff and plunging into the river below. There are many beautiful waterfalls around the world and of course Indonesia, but this list exclusively features most amazing waterfalls we were able to find in SUMBA island. Let's check it out!

1. Matayangu Waterfall


Matayangu waterfall is part of Manupeu National Park and located in Waimanu village, about 3 hours drive from the town of Waikabubak (the second largest town in Sumba island after Waingapu). The waterfall is 75 metres high which is emitting its water out of the cave. During rainy season, its water flows also comes from the river apart from the cave on top of it with a height reaching approximately 130 metres from the base of the waterfall. The best time to visit Matayangu is between March and June or between October and December. In these range of months, the waterfall will spew water with a maximum discharge.

2. Lapopu Waterfall


The waterfall is located in Manupeu National Park which can be reached by 3-hour drive from Waikabubak (the second largest town in Sumba island after Waingapu). The slopes rise from the sea reaching height of 600 meters. This waterfall is gushing stratified along the 70 meters high rock cliffs. Lapopu is very famous and the most beautiful waterfall in Sumba island. Unlike other waterfalls in Sumba, Lapopu is often visited by tourists.

3. Laputi Waterfall


Laputi waterfall is located in Praingkareha village, approximately 480 meters above sea level. In the top of the waterfall there is a beautiful blue lake called Laputi lake. It can be reached by 2 until 3 hours drive from Waingapu, East Sumba (the largest town on the island of Sumba). This waterfall is one of the tourism objects located inside Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park.

4. Kanabuwai Waterfall


Kanabuwai waterfall is located at Waikanabu village about 118 km from Waingapu or approximately 3 to 5 hours drive from the city of Waingapu. Its name is derived from Sumba language which means "Waterfall" (Kanabu = fall; Wai = water).

5. Laindamuki Waterfall


Located in eastern Sumba the Laindamuki waterfall has extraordinary beauty. This waterfall is located across the lake with 5 waterfall jets. The lake water is a portrait green pristine natural biota. 5 water jets derived from water flows out of the five separated rock hills.

6. Dikira Waterfall


Dikira waterfall is located in East Wewewa sub-district, 40 kilometers from the town of Waikabubak (the second largest town in Sumba island after Waingapu). This waterfall is very charming and utilized by PLN - Indonesia State Electricity Company as micro hydro power generator.

7. Kahalatu Waterfall


Kahalatu waterfall is located at Lailunggi village about 138 kilometers from Waingapu. It takes 5 hours drive to reach it from the city of Waingapu. From Lailunggi visitors then should ride motorcycle about an hour or more to reach Laitaku where the waterfall is located. From Laitaku visitors should walk through a long pathway in a tropical rain forest for about 1.5 hours before they can see an exotic Kahalatu waterfall. The waterfall itself is placed 472 meters above the sea level.

8. Gunung Meja Waterfall


Located in Kuta Village, Kanatang district 15 kilometers away from Waingapu. Gunung Meja waterfall consists of three parts of water flows and each has their own uniqueness. First part has blue paddles showing its water depth, while the second and third part of this waterfall has a varied colored stones which create its own distinctive charm. For adventurers, Gunung Meja waterfall gives another challenge to be explored.

9. Koalat Waterfall


Koalat waterfall is located in Maidang Village 70 km away from the town of Waingapu. Its beautiful scenery makes it a favorite place among tourists to take great pictures.

10. Pabeti Lakera Waterfall


Pabeti Lakera is an unspoiled three-tiered waterfall with a height of over 20 meters.  You can swim and enjoy the rural scenery accompanied by the sound of chirping birds perched high on lush green trees. Located in Delo Village, 35 kilometers from Waitabula - Southwest Sumba (where the Tambolaka airport is located).   The above wonderful waterfalls are absolutely worth a visit especially for those seeking total relaxation. As far as the eye can see you will see the natural scenery, stress and fatigue in the work will be a bit forgotten, the mind will be fresh of course. Have you ever been to one of this amazing Sumba waterfalls...? Interested into investing in real-estate in Sumba ? These lands are for sale